Sahi Zahoor was a personality born in 1937 in what was known as the British Indian part of the subcontinent. He belonged to a family of farmers. Sahi Zahoor did not know how to write properly, he only wrote in figures. He was an excellent artist and wrote Kalam Allah from a very young age. When he turned 7, he used to have dreams of a hand coming out of a shrine/grave. Little did he know that this was the start of his calling. 

As he grew, Sahi Zahoor’s dreams became more prominent and he became more restless. When he told his parents about it, they thought he had gone mental. They took him to many doctors and peer’s but no solution was found. Hopeless, they took him to a dervish living in the shrine of Bawa Ahmad Lang. When asked about his dreams, the dervish told them there is nothing wrong with him except that his dreams are a calling. The solution to his dreams laid in the shrine Sahi Zahoor dreamt about. This was the beginning of his journey from Kashmir, Gilgit, Balakot, Kaghan, Besham, Mansehra, Muzaffarabad, Baba Jumma Shah, HabibUllah to Baba Sehali Sarkar. He did not leave any place.

Years went by and his nights remained restless until he went to Kanthi Pir Darbar located in the Bagh District at the age of 20. Here he met two supernatural beings. At the time, he did not know they were supernatural. He went to them and paid his respects. At first, they did not respond to his Salam. Sahi Zahoor was confused and thought that they were deaf. However, he again said Salam, loudly this time, and both of them responded and acquired information about where he was going. This was when Sahi Zahoor realized that these beings were not human. In his own words Sahi Zahoor explains that their eyes had light in them, “Noor” to be precise. After they directed him to the Kanthi Pir Darbar, Sahi Zahoor asked if he could light a cigarette. They both replied with “do whatever you wish” as he lit a cigarette, they both vanished in thin air as if they were never there.

He stayed there for 2 hours hoping they would appear again but when they didn’t, he continued his journey towards Kanthi Pir Darbar. At the darbar, he met an old man who asked Sahi Zahoor why he was here. Sahi Zahoor told him his troubles with the dream to which the old man responded that Allah has fulfilled your wish. Then the old man offered him some food. A hot plate of rice that even after 2 days, did not get cold. The old man left never to be seen again. After 2 days Sahi Zahoor left the Darbar and walked towards Kashmir visiting different shrines. He traveled back to Depalpur and then to Uch Sharif with his father searching for the shrine in his dreams. At long last he found the shrine at Uch Sharif, exactly like the one in his dreams. His father left after 2 days and he stayed there for 5 years. He had found his life’s purpose at long last. 

His realization about life and submission to the kalam of God has made him an important part of the mystic and Sufi realm. It gave him the chance to travel the world spreading peace, love, and humanity.